There’s a Smoothie for Everything…Post-Raw Diet Day 2

Either everything is perfect, or nothing is right when it comes to me and food.  Either I absolutely love what I’m eating (see: bloomed wild rice, raw oatmeal, raw chili), or it becomes my nemesis (see: raw collard wraps).  Either everything is timed just right, or everything is off–things get soggy, things get cold…timing is an art.  So what does all this mean to me on Day 2 of my Post-Raw diet?  There are miscellaneous odds and ends in my refrigerator.  It’s true, and I knew it was happening every time I ate a 1/4 of this, and 1/2 of that, but there was no stopping it!  So here I am today with 1/2 a red pepper, an enormous carrot, a huge cucumber, some chunks of pineapple and something else that lives in a leaf.  About the thing that lives in the leaf…I got it at the farmer’s market at the beginning of my 2 week journey, and was afraid to deal with it then, and am afraid to deal with it now! Then, just because it was so foreign, and now, well how many vegetables do you know of that survive over 2 weeks!

I presume that happens to a lot of Raw newbies.  We just get all caught up in the vegetables and fruits of it all, we forget to make sense!  Easily talked into anything without a pulse, we forget to ask–“how do you prepare this??”  And I know vegetables!  But this thing that lives in a leaf, inside my fridge, is completely foreign, and whatever angst I have leftover from not using my dehydrator also lives inside that leaf.  I digress.  So what to do with the veggies I didn’t eat, the things I didn’t try, and meals I simply ran out of time for (I have zucchini too that I was looking forward to another rendition of zucchini primavera!).  There’s two solutions, really.  One, I’m brought back to my new, old dilemma: Maybe Raw is still speaking to me.  Maybe I shouldn’t end it so soon.  After all, all I would need to get is a couple tomatoes, a few bananas, some avocado, and I’d be in business!  Miscellaneous, no more.

I need to think about some more, but for now (!), I’ll go with the alternative solution: The lessons keep on coming as I have learned there is officially a smoothie for everything.  Don’t take my word for it!  Go ahead, try and type any combination of any few things into google.  Someone, somewhere will have a recipe for you.

Here’s my delicious one for tonight, leaving only a lonely 1/4 red pepper, a big carrot, some parsley and a nagging feeling like Raw might be for me:

Jinji’s Miscellaneous Smoothie

  • A huge cucumber
  • Some chunks of pineapple
  • One orange, juiced
  • A few stalks of celery
  • A half an apple
  • Some sprouted almonds
  • 1 cup of water

Blend it all together, and be amazed!


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