Wait! Do I Have an Eating Disorder?? …Post-Raw Day 6

Approaching my one-week anniversary of the completion of my epic Raw journey, something VERY interesting was brought to my attention.  Aside from my airplane salad debacle, I also had a Women’s Health Magazine debacle:

A fixation with healthy or righteous eating

Orthorexics often eat only organic foods, eliminate entire food groups, or refuse to eat anything that isn’t “pure” in quality, says clinical psychologist Sari Shepphird, Ph.D. Unlike anorexics, they don’t necessarily think they’re fat or strive to be thin; some are motivated by a fear of bad health, a fixation with complete control, or the desire to improve their own self-esteem. Ironically, severe orthorexia can lead to malnourishment.

Okay, so here’s what.  No one tells you that your ambition to be healthy, ward off potential genetic diseases, be energetic, feel youthful and look fit would later, somewhere along the way be classified as an [GULP] Eating Disorder.  No one says that the reward for fending off the American obesity epidemic, and avoiding the fats, sugars, and other unsavory abundant delights would be replaced with the scorn of a mid-shelf magazine.  That the few of us who are courageous and creative enough to take the road less traveled, eating clean when we can, indulging here & there when we want to, and trying to raise awareness as we go; our efforts should be minimized and we should be made to feel there must be some kind of ulterior motives to our apparent madness.
Yes, I choose to eat as healthy as I reasonably can.  Check.  I’ve also eliminated meat, most dairy, refined sugars and simple carbs from my diet.  Check.  Certain items, the “dirty dozen” to be exact, I insist must be organic.  I don’t like to eat pesticides.  Check.  But in making what I deem simple adjustments, delicious adjustments!, I enjoy a life full of much more energy, quality and laughter than ever before.  I’m more intuitive, more thoughtful, and I care more about the planet.  Now, am I thin as a result?  Maybe.  I also make sure I sweat a few times a week.  And of course I’m not afraid of being sick, because I am confident I am feeding my body well.  And as for malnurishment–ask the bunch of Kale, Spinach, Quinoa, Wild Rice (yup! I had bloomed wild rice again tonight, this time with a pesto sauce…mmmmm!), Avocado, Oatmeal, Nuts and Berries, Grapefruit and Chocolate I had today if I’m getting sufficient nutrition.
I understand there are folks with unhealthy perspectives on their bodies, and that have toxic relationships with food.  But when it comes to those who are enthusiasts, and who prefer oats to frosted flakes because they want to stay full past 9, at least give us the dignity of letting us dance to the beat of our own colorful, raw drums.  So am I an orthorexic?  I don’t know.  Am I?  Seems sort of like a made up word anyway.  I kind of love being “fixated with healthy or righteous eating”…especially the righteous part.  But in general, I prefer the term, foodie.
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6 thoughts on “Wait! Do I Have an Eating Disorder?? …Post-Raw Day 6

  1. Somer says:

    BOO! That article is full of crap! I did a 7 day mostly raw green smoothie challenge a few weeks ago and tracked my nutrition stats. You can bet your bazookas I was eating like crazy and getting way more nutrition then I would have received on the standard american diet.

    Check it out. http://goodcleanfood.wordpress.com/2012/03/14/week-long-green-smoothie-challenge-15/

    The stats are at the bottom of each page of the challenge.

    Kudos to you for fighting the stupid mis-information machine and posting about it. The Standard American diet is the reason why so many Americans are so fat and sick (including my used to be self)

    An organic plant based diet with a high raw ratio is the way to go.

    • jinji says:

      Isn’t it just infuriating?? I of course totally agree with you! Between Americans being consumed by, and then misinformed by media, to being given misleading information when it comes to what to eat, and what to avoid…it’s a wonder anyone knows the right thing to do anymore. Shame, shame, shame on Women’s Health for making a mockery out of those of us who have managed, between all the white noise, to feed our bodies with great, nutritionally sound food. Thanks for reading!!

      • Somer says:

        Anytime. Just subscribed to your blog! I need more girls like you in my life. Most my friends think I’m crazy. I have been nick-named “the vegan-Obama lover” not a nice title if you live in Utah 😉

        I love CHOOSING to fuel my body with the right things. As a (good) consequence, I love my body more and have a far healthier body image then I used to. Tell me how that is destructive?


  2. barbara says:

    I agree with with the both of you. As a non american who happens to make a living producing food and also was brought up with mostly organic and locally grown fresh
    unspoiled food sources (long before it became trendy), I was blessed to maintain a fresh and unbiased view about diets and food trends over the last decade.
    what I see is simple and disturbing.
    an alarming rate of Americans are obese, and unhealthy due to lack of physical movement and cheap ready prepared foods…far removed from what whole real food used to be.
    I could bring up the chicken nugget….but you guys know the sad truth already….
    Just take a trip to your local MVA and witness the result of these cheap foods and unhealthy life styles…
    I also learned americans seem to love Clubs/ Labels/ Guides how to get healthy, how to be beautiful, shortcuts to be spiritual/ rich/ etc
    A good start to me, is to stray away and to be critical of the media , read and research as much you can and learn how to listen to your body.
    the most important thing I learned is to embrace your uniqueness and to understand there a different ways for each one of us to become vibrant and healthy…..
    Some of us may need a little guidance…a nutritionist or a holistic doctor ( start with one who has a medical degree) and read Jinjii`s blogs
    I is important to eat what makes you happy and also keep a sense of humor.
    Something as simple as `moderation` can be the key of a healthier life style for many of us.
    Another thing is to always know WHERE your food comes from.
    hope I did not stray away too much from the topic..Jinjis Blog got me soo inspired

    • jinji says:

      Barbara! Thanks so much for reading and writing in! This is great. Keeping it simple is always the best policy, and keeping people around you that inspire you to do good. Commitment to learning about nutrition is certainly the best use of time one can make. As we now know, that very commitment WILL save lives.

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