Amazing Foodie Finds: Installment One

Well, before I get into my latest food crazes, another heart felt thank you to My Sister’s Pantry for nominating me for a Sunshine Award!  I’m such a fan of so many of your thoughts and expressions, I’m truly humbled to that some of you might care what I’m thinking too!  So to honor this nomination, i thought I’d dive into a series of posts that I’ll call Amazing Foodie Finds!  Whenever friends or family comes into my kitchen, it seems their dedicated mission to check out my pantry, fridge and freezer to see what new stuff I’ve gotten into.  One of the most fun aspects of food for me has always been exploration and experimentation.  I consider it a personal challenge, from breakfast to dessert to find healthful, delicious alternatives to the otherwise saturated, sugerfied, salt based options out there.  So my first item, that I’m loving as an accompaniment to my overnight oats, breakfast smoothies, “ants on a log” snacks, quick Ezekial sandwiches, thai sauces, and of course all desserts is…….:

ImageIt’s like miracle powder!  So essentially, what these wizards have done is develop a process to press all the oils out of the nuts so that what you have left is practically pure protein.  In a quick comparison to regular peanut butter, this jar of PB2 has almost 90% less fat because of the absence of oil, equal amount of protein (5 g/serving), and there’s no cholesterol to speak of at all.  And for anyone counting, you can have 2 Tablespoons of this PB and it will only set you back 45 calories!  That’s 45 vs. the typical 190 in regular peanut butter.  Typically, when something is taken out of a food, something else much less appealing compensates–sugar and/or salt usually.  Or worse, fake fat is added.  Fake fat=Trans fats, and other preservatives and additives that I can’t pronounce, spell, and would sooner do a sun fast before having them in my kitchen!  See margarine craze from the 90’s.  PS. Did you know when margarine first came out, no one was buying it because in all its fakeness it was white, so people could conceive of melting it on their toast or baking pie crusts with it.  But then after much battle with the dairy industry, who had been preventing it from being yellow like butter, the margarine guys finally convinced everyone that they should be able to turn it yellow so they could actually reach the consumer.  The rest is history!

But, wait!  Not so fast.  Before you rush out and get a jar (which, I think you totally should–this stuff truly is delicious, creamy and can be used in even more ways than traditional peanut butter), do exercise some caution and consciousness.  The fats that have been removed do fall under the “healthy fats” category.  So without them, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting those fats in other ways.  Personally, I eat so much avocado, coconut, coconut oil, seeds and nuts (maybe even too much!), I can enjoy PB2 without feeling emptiness and cravings for that fatty satiation.  Something that happens when people eat fat free/reduced fat this, that and the other is that those cravings are never fulfilled and so they go reaching for sweets and salty stuff on top of the favor they thought they were doing for themselves.  Result?  Well, consult the scale for an answer to that.

So, the lesson here is that PB2 should be enjoyed as part of a balanced, clean diet.  And trust me, you will enjoy it!  I wish there was an almond one!  AB2.  Love it already!

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One thought on “Amazing Foodie Finds: Installment One

  1. Somer says:

    Gotta. find. that. now!

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