Amazing Food Finds: Dessert Edition, part 1

Yes, desserts!  A lot of people ask me: “How do you manage to avoid eating sweets?”  Then they follow with their personal stories of avoidance, willpower, and determination against sugar.  Well all sugar except the donuts they had at work one morning that they couldn’t refuse.  And of course, let’s not forget about cheat day where anything goes!

Well, I’m not sure where anyone got the idea I don’t eat sweets, because I delight in them at least three times a day, sometimes four.  In my own experience, and my observation of others, the solution to sweet cravings, is to simply…EAT SWEETS!  I didn’t say sugar.  I said sweets.  Dried fruits stuffed with cinnamon spiked almond butter (or PB2!)…Larabar/pure bar portions…fresh fruit with a light dollop of raw honey…Eating raw and dried sweet foods throughout the day will set you up for success.  Ask any raw foodist.  And believe me I did during my 2-week Raw experience–as long as you avoid refined sugar, you will not gain a pound, and you can dig in throughout the day.  Ever met an overweight Raw foodist?  Me either.  But believe me, I was shocked at the amount of sweetness there is in the diet.  You won’t need a donut, you’ll be able to cut out the cheat day (which, let’s be honest is there so you can eat white flours, refined sugars, salty things, alcohol, etc.), and maybe most importantly in terms of weight control–stop the night time grazing.

ImageBut this post isn’t really about philosophy of desserting, it’s about this:  Chocagave.  Any chocolate lovers out there?  Anyone interested in rich, dark chocolate sans refined sugar?  I know I was!  It’s 70 calories for TWO tablespoons!  Tablespoons are big!!  And this stuff is goooood.  Warm a sliced banana in the oven for a few minutes, slather on some raw chocolate sauce, add a few tablespoons of crispy brown rice cereal, and a sprinkle of sea salt.  DE.LIC.IOUS.

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