Raw: Re-Inspired!

 Wow! Spent the last couple of days in New York, and really wishing I had been able to visit while I was all-in on the raw diet.  It’s so completely normal, and dare I say, even mainstream!  Now, at about 80% raw though, i could still thoroughly enjoy my food experience there.  Raw is HUGE in New York.  Even only having been there 2 days, I got pretty good exposure.  I mean here, in Baltimore, there is raw food, yes.  Certain places with a bigger offering than others (The Black Olive, Zia’s, Great Sage)–but there!  Oh there.  In every borrough there are several.  I ate at two: Carravan of Dreams in Manhatten and One Lucky Duck by Union Square.  Each place with its own unique identity–beautiful, bountiful plates, carefully put together, and lovingly made.  Tons of diversity in the menu, and huge flavor in the food.  One Lucky Duck is actually owned by the same couple who authored Real Raw “cook”book–which has been an culinary inspiration to myself and many who I talk to.  So it was a MUST that I had to go there.  Most impressive?  Moonpie.  Raw cacao based moonpie.  UN.BE.LIEVABLE.  I also had the seaweed salad, that had an impressive mix of 4 different seaweeds and a killer dressing to go with.  Even outside of Manhatten though, regretably I didn’t get to go bu rave reviews for Rawstar in Brooklyn!  Next time.

So anyway, feeling really, really inspired with this Raw thing.  In fact, before I left for NYC, I had the pleasure of attending a special lecture by David Wolfe.  Can you say 7 courses of Raw heaven??  Not to mention his inspirational lecture about the deliciousness and power of Raw.  Amazing.  I don’t know, but I am thinking I need to get involved here….!!  More to come.

Banana Smoothie! Photo is a little dark, because I had to eat it under the light of the moon…but trust me–delicious!!


An inspired Raw Banana milkshake

  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2 c. raw almond milk
  • pinch of sea salt
  • drop of raw honey
  • sprinkle of unsweetened coconut
  • dusting of raw cocao
  • a few shelled hemp seeds

Give it a good whir, and ENJOY!

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