Happy “RAW” Summer Solstice!!

…It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  (Yes, to be sung in key of popular Holiday carol) It’s officially summer time!  Hot weather, long days, summer swim nostalgia, SUN, windows down, music up…not to mention all the colorful fruits!  I can hardly contain myself!  So I won’t…it’s time for raw!  And this solstice, unlike my Spring RAW solstice experiment, I am ready to charge full steam ahead.  In the Spring, my 2 week raw food experiment was filled with delicious things, success, failure, battles, wars, compromises, excitement, discovery and fun.  But I didn’t know what I was getting into, and I didn’t knwo what each day would look like or taste like for that matter!  In fact, this morning, as I was making my commitment to myself to be all raw, I giggled at all the time prepping I spent for the Spring raw.  I made day plan menus, I googled, I made inquiries, I got books and appliances…it was cute really.  But now, still far from being a pro, and much inspired by those who are, I am a little more seasoned having held on to about 80% of the raw lifestyle.  I’ve learned shortcuts, new recipes, and have great resources. 

MOST exciting…I’m not afraid.  Of the appliances I got last time, is my nemisis.  It has shamed me for months now as it has stared at me unused!  Somehow I reasoned with myself, I should keep it, even if on the high shelf, but I never could bring myself to actually use it.  THE DEHYDRATOR.  I know, I know.  What’s the big deal.  Well I can’t answer that, but I know the intimidation of actually embarking on that level of raw has been overhelming.  Until….

Yup!  Sweet potato chips!  No big deal :). 

I did it!  Well, am doing it I should say.  I thought to inaugerate my Summer solstice raw life I

would make one of my fave’s: sweet potato chips!  Well, first thing about dehydrators–it takes a

long time to dehydrate.  No problem.  I will have with dinner!  Although I peeked this morning,

and they had shrunken quite a bit from the original size.  I suspect it’s because I sliced them

really thin.  Thicker next time.  Check.  But they’ll stuill be good, even if they do wind up being

croutons instead of chips.  Whatever, I tried!!  Am trying.  I wish they had “baby monitors” for

kitchens.  I bet crock pot people would like that too.  Can things OVER dehydrate?  I mean this morning, they were still

pliable.  Not quite chips.  But did they really need another 8 hours?  Sigh.  Battle one.  Waged, afterall.

Stay tuned!  I will share the spice concoction when and if I ever get to enjoy one of these bad boys!


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3 thoughts on “Happy “RAW” Summer Solstice!!

  1. Little Sis says:

    Okay, I’m totally in support of the raw thing, and I know I feel better when I approximate it, but I want to ask about the dehydrator business. I’ve spent a lot of time reducing the contact that my food has with plastic, and it has LONG been a rule that nothing will be heated in plastic in my home. And now the dehydrator. Do you have any thoughts about that? I received one as a birthday gift, and I’m staring at it, in all its plastic-ness, and I can’t quite square it in my head.

  2. jinji says:

    You scared me Little Sis! 🙂 So I went and did some research. Your concern is very valid! Plastic and food…aluminum and food… chrome and food… these things definitely do not mesh well, and can even be toxic. Luckily, in 2012, you and I aren’t the only ones who thought of this. Typically, you would want something that is stainless steel. And most commercial dehydrators are stainless steel, but you and I could never afford that. It’s expensive! Companies would have to cut some serious corners (making single-wall construction, jagged edges, adding chrome plating) in order to make it affordable for the average home. So instead, my dehydrator is made from polypropylene plastic. This is not only FDA approved (because what do they know), but is approved for use when heated BELOW 160 degrees in the UK, Europe as a whole, the Japanese ministry (and they’re smart!) and others. It heats really well and evenly, and doesn’t hold smells. To boot, unlike stainless steel, plastic is green friendly! So I say…..research your dehydrator (and maybe even other products you’ve shunned because of their plasticness, even though I love the idea of doing that), and see if its trays are polypropylene. If they are, I think you are good to go!

  3. barbara says:

    Just a thought. Commercial is expensive but there is another option. buying used, auction sales, ebay…. check it out.

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