Crisis Averted: Food & Friends

Healthy eating, and raw food in particular can be isolating! Anyone who is on the path to improved health knows that it can be a lonely one.  What do you say when colleagues and friends want to go out to dinner at the grease pit around the corner that you USED to go to all the time?  What do you do when family, the people who have been cooking for you for years, maybe even your whole life wants to make you your favorite: Macaroni and cheese…and not the “cheeze” kind.  Or when your friend saves you a slice of their double chocolate chocolate birthday cake…and it’s not cacao! My point is, there are situations that come up in everyday life when you’re trying to upgrade your eating habits that can be difficult, create social awkwardness, or the worst–hurt other people’s feelings! It’s enough to throw you into crisis mode.

So what to do.  Well, unfortunately I haven’t found an answer to that one yet.  Oh! I thought of another one, that might be the most difficult of all–when your significant other isn’t ready to make the changes you are, or may not be interested at all.  So now, not only are you that person at work, who all the sudden doesn’t want to go to happy hour, and eats along at the lunch table, but you’re also eating alone at the dinner table too.  Anyway, there may not be an easy antidote to the stresses that come along with changes.  But there IS hope.


This is no ordinary salad!  Let’s remember the essence of why you are eating the way you are.  To be healthy.  Vibrant.  Energetic.  Youthful.  While I can’t promise there won’t be naysayers along the way, I can promise you that for every naysayer, there will be someone you get to inspire.  Someone who loves what you are doing, and not only wants to support you, but accepts the challenge of joining you.

And, interestingly, these people might come from unexpected places! Thinking back to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and the truck driver.  Who would have ever thought from the looks of him that he would become a friend, enthusiast and promoter of the live foods movement.

Back to the salad.  I love to make food, and always have.  But I have missed so dearly going to someone’s house and having food prepared for me!  Delicious things, that I don’t have to question the ingredients of, and I just bathe my soul and my senses in.  I have always believed that sharing food that you make with your own hands and energy is of the greatest expressions of love and kindness.  ImageSo while the salad was AHHHH MAZING, the raw zucchini lasagna that followed was out. of. sight.  Knowing from first hand experience the effort and time (ohhh the TIME.  Not to mention the dishes) that goes into making raw casserole type dishes, that this one was waiting for me, done, beautiful and delicious was a game changer and beyond any expectations I had.  In fact, it made up for every person who excluded me from a social invite, for each time I couldn’t go to someone’s house, and for all the times I compromised to eat my mother’s this and that.

A special meal indeed!  I’m only sorry there aren’t any pictures of the raw macadamia brownies that followed!  But cacao has a very short half life around me 🙂

Thanks friend 🙂

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