Perfect Mid-Afternoon Raw Snack


I’m so into Raw snack breaks this week! I have found myself re-fashioning my meals and meal times based on my new schedule. And I think it’s important to share, because at some point, we all will find ourselves in a position where we have to be the catalyst for dietary changes in our own lives. I say catalyst, because if we don’t actively participate in these changes and make conscious decisions, the results can be extreme and negative.
For instance, say you take on a more demanding schedule that does not allow you to be at home for meals anymore. Common. So you start eating on the run, eating from grab & go’s and no longer taking accountability for what you are putting in your body. Results? Skin break outs, weight gain, depression, and more colds.
The fact of the matter is, especially (and in a very short list of company) in America, it’s socially unacceptable to sit down, take sufficient breaks in the day, or even give yourself time to consider good food choices. Luckily there does seem to be a growing popularity and even competition among workplaces to offer work-life balance programs giving employees freedom and time to have a higher quality life, and therefore nutrition.
It’s hard, but the only true answer to clean eating inside a hectic life is discipline and prioritization. Pack your lunch. Be prepared with snacks. And make a habit of eating around the same time each day–you will be surprised at how quickly your colleagues catch on…and even become inspired!
I digress. As for me! I’m spoiled now. I have the fortune of flexibility even inside of my hectic new world. So today my snack of a couple walnut stuffed figs (YUM!!) came beautifully after a delicious, energizing juice:

Mid-Afternoon Energy Juice
1 red beet
1 fuji apple
2 celery stalks
3 carrots
1 handful of parsley
Juice of a grapefruit


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7 thoughts on “Perfect Mid-Afternoon Raw Snack

  1. Somer says:

    I don’t know which is more tantalizing, the walnut stuffed figs or the energy juice… I’ll take both!

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