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Sweet Redemption…Raw Diet Day 8

I know I was brave.  I know I put on my best smile.  I know I was resourceful in saving them for another time, and acting like they hadn’t hurt my feelings.  I know I pretended my pride was in tact.  But after my victory over the Oat Groat yesterday, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my Collard Green defeat.  I was embarrassed by a Collard Green leaf, and I needed to change that story.  So I gathered my courage, collected my determination and went and purchased an entire bunch of Collard Greens, all the while grimacing, remembering…the incident.  I knew I needed a method to the madness, and so I decided to forgo the recipe books, leave google alone, and check the Southern ancestry at the door.  I’d use my own mind and soul to make a delicious plate of raw Collard Greens.  Fifty/fifty chance really, but I figured I wouldn’t have to tell anyone what happened if I failed, because everyone thinks the greens are in the freezer!  Lie.  I mean there are greens in the freezer.  Still, I didn’t feel good about it, but I needed a back-out plan!

I washed, I chiffonaded, I separated, I drizzled, I marinated, I weighted.  I weighted with a brick, an actual brick.  I purposefully, and consciously opened the crisper drawer, put in a bag of marinating Collard Greens, and put a brick from my balcony on top of it.  I was out to win.  And ladies and gentlemen, tonight, I do declare, I made the best raw Collard Green salad there ever was.  Another victory under the old belt, this time, from an unexpected foe.

Jinji’s Collard Green Redemption

  • a bunch of collards, chiffonade very fine
  • equal parts lemon juice, olive oil, braggs apple cider vinegar, braggs amino acids
  • a few shakes of cayenne
  • a few shakes of paprika
  • some pepper
  • and a brick, or heavy weight
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • some soaked nuts
  • some plump raisins
  • thinly sliced red onion
  • some carrot
  • thinly sliced, seeded roma tomato
  • thinly sliced apple–about half an apple

Combine everything through the pepper.  Weigh it down with a brick in the fridge overnight.  Combine with the remaining ingredients for dinner the next day, give a squeeze of lemon, and taste the sweet taste of Collard redemption!  ENJOY!!

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For the love of Collard Greens…Raw Diet Day 2.5

I have had the fortune of being raised by a mother from Down South.  Tuskeegee, Alabama to be exact, where people love fish fries, collard greens and hoppin johns as much as they love the baby jesus.  Where honey suckles are dripping from their branches, and there’s as many blackberry bushes and cherry trees as there are bible’s on Sunday.  I digress.  My point is, I grew up with a lot of Southern food love.  Since then, I’ve modernized some of the recipes like the hoppin john’s and specific to this post–the collard greens.  Collards have actually become one of my favorite veggies–a little coconut oil, lemon juice and bragg’s and I’m in business!

So I was excited to try them in yet another way on this Day Two of my Raw Diet adventure.  I was all ready with my guacamole, which I knew was super yummy because I made and tasted last night.  But then I had my collard leaves.  Lunch du jour was going to be guacamole stuffed collard leaves.  In retrospect, what an odd combination, but at the time, it seemed brilliant.  At the time.  So first, I take out my container with my de-stemmed, rolled collard leaves.  Un-roll a collard leaf to scoop in some guacamole.  First of all, collard leaves are HUGE.  What did I look like at my desk, in my cubicle at my corporate job unraveling this enormous, raw leaf.  I giggled at myself and went on.  So huge leaf, now scooping in spoonfuls of guacamole.  Still excited about the guacamole, but now it’s hidden in this leaf.  I’m mad at the leaf.  But I take a bite anyway.  Seriously?  Raw collards?  WHO in their right mind EVER thought a raw collard leaf was a good idea?  Sick!  I was offended and appalled, and felt all the sudden like an idiot for manipulating the Tuskeegee collard and hamhock tradition.  Well that feeling didn’t last long, but with the bitterness still in my mouth, I promptly without even missing a beat googled: “How to freeze collard greens”.  I decided I would pretend like this never even happened, I would go home, slice the rest up and freeze for post-raw.  I ate the rest of the guacamole with carrots and a surprised look on my face as I thought about how collard greens could go so wrong!

On my way home, the surprise of my afternoon collards were overshadowed only by my sheer excitement about what I knew was waiting for me at home.  24 more hours had passed, and my almonds were finished sprouting.  I knew I had one successful sprouted almond, but now I imagined the entire bowl full of beautifully plump almonds, each with its own little sprout.  So I get home, still brimming with excitement–I could see the whole thing, removing my papertowel from the bowl and seeing all my almonds.  I raised them afterall with patience and attention for two whole days, I had a right to be excited!  There they were, and they were as beautiful as I’d imagined.  I went about popping each one out of their shells, revealing their white flesh and sprouted tops.  And boy were they sweet!!  Gave a whole new definition to the hoppin john!

Jinji’s Guacamole, adopted from Hooked on Raw by Rhio

  • An avocado
  • Small dice of red onion
  • Small dice of seeded tomato
  • A bunch of cilantro
  • Salt
  • 1 Lime or lemon
  • A date, pitted and chopped
  • A couple shakes of cumin
  • A shake of cinnamon
  • A shake of paprika
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