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Oh, Burger King..shame, shame, shame

ImageOk. So here’s the picture of it. and don’t get me wrong. I’m Raw, not Dead…it looks sort of good. But honestly, not to me, it really doesnt, but I can see how someone, even a clean someone would say “mmmm”. Ok, I said that, so now I can say this: “Burger King. REALLY??? Have you not killed enough people by way of Whoppers already?? You had to go and make a Bacon freakin Sundae to go with it??” Okay. Relax. I know I should, and I know people make their own choices. BUT! WHy, oh why does American Fast Food continue to make it so damned hard to do the right thing? Check these numbers. If, just say someone went and decided to get their usual Whopper meal–A Whopper, Fries and a Coke (BTW, was just on the BK website to find out this information, and learned they now have such a thing as a TRIPLE whopper….lonnnng sigh). Say they then decide that since they left the bacon off the burger, they have license to also go ahead with this Sundae/Bacon concotion pictured above. Because, well they would have gotten ice cream anyway. Well the Whopper meal itself already puts them back 1,560 calories. Add the Sundae, and in one sitting, they will have consumed 2,070 calories. But wait, it’s 173 grams of sugar total!! Where’s the bold button on here…173 grams of sugar!!! And taking into account our nifty equation (thanks Lil Sis!), that’s a staggering 43 teaspoons of sugar. In one sitting. At one time. In one body. And we wonder why we can’t get a hold of ourselves. I can’t even imagine how long it would take to recover from 43 tsps of sugar. I’m reminded of that Smoking movie where the lead character was kidnapped into a cargo van and literally injected with nicotine until near death. Dramatic? Maybe. But maybe not.

In the meantime, while I was in New York at Organic Avenue, I picked up an amazing new cacao treat! I thought salted chocolate was a thing of my past but no sir. Salted cacao is alive and very, very well and is now indeed a permanent fixture in my diet. So the next time I want a sweet and salty fix, I break up a few pieces of that into the very rawsome frozen banana cacao sorbet:
1/2 frozen banana
1 t cacao
1 t nut milk
A few dashes of salt

Blend and add in the chunks of salted cacao, plus hemp seeds and blueberries. Mmmmmmm!

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