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Day 7…Raw Food Fight.

They say fights are won and lost on the smallest levels, in the details.  They also say the best inventions happen on accident.  Oat groats.  I had never actually had oat groats before starting this experiment, always thinking, why spend the time with a groat when I can get great benefits out of a flake.  I’ve even thought that for much of this diet, having raw oatmeal most mornings.  You measure out, soak overnight, and have delicious oatmeal the next day.  So I have this recipe that calls for oat groats, and asks you to soak them overnight before eating.  Fair enough, even though I found it odd that they carried the same soaking time as its cousin, the flake.  But then, those you don’t really have to soak–I just do for the porridge effect.  Fast forward to this morning, at my desk starving after a Bikram session.  First, I notice the groats have not changed in shape at ALL–they haven’t puffed out or anything.  I think, looks are deceiving, I am sure they’ve softened up.  Wrong.  Well mainly wrong–they softened slightly–from the shell of a rock, to that of say, well half-cooked rice.  So the fight ensued.  I was at work already, so there was no turning back.  I was starving so there was no “oh, I’ll eat this apple instead”.  And I had a lot of pride at stake because for 7 days, I still have yet to have a food casualty amidst my many battles. 

So first I think, keep busy for 20 minutes, let it sit in the sun for a bit.  Idiotic in retrospect considering the prior 15 hours hadn’t helped.  But at least it made the bowl warm.  Next I think, start mashing.  More idiotic, because a. I had a plastic spoon, b. i pulverized perfectly good blueberries and bananas, c. who ever heard of mashing a half-cooked piece of rice.  The groats were winning.  Somehow, I had to make this bowl edible!  I turn to the manna.  I thought, if I can’t beat the groats into softness, I’d hide them in soft, sweet, gooey Manna bread.  So in my last ditch effort to win this war, I plunged (a perfectly good piece) a slice of Manna bread into the almond milk, and furiously stirred, blended, and combined…with my plastic spoon.  IT WORKED.  And it was delicious.  Despite the hard groats, the rest of the flavors and textures thanks to the Manna were impeccable.  Imagine me, at my desk, in my cube at my corporate job celebrating victory over a bowl of oat groats.  Sigh…Raw Diet, day 7!  Oh, and side note–after some googling, this war could have been averted with a quick food processor pulse this morning.  Literally for a couple of seconds.  Details!

Jinji’s Vicorious Oat Groats

  • 1/4 cup oat groats
  • Berries
  • 1/2 a banana
  • Soaked almonds
  • Soaked walnuts
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • salt
  • agave

Soak the groats overnight, mash it up in the morning and enjoy! (you can also just soak 1/2 cup raw oat flakes overnight, and eat the Manna on the side like a normal person)

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