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I’m Official! Food Official. Read and see!

So, I have made it official!  I’d been doing Nutrition Counseling on the side, but now I am combining it with two other objectives under my new name (old to us!): jinjisfoodlove!  Essentially I will be doing Whole Food Immersions.  WHat does that mean you may ask? (Oh, come on!  Humor me!) It’s three-pronged: I help individuals integrate whole foods into their diet through counseling, I work with restaurants and markets to integrate whole food recipes and concepts into their menus, and I create whole food event experiences!  This has really always been a dream of mine, so I am super excited.

The question that I will find out the answer to, in very short order is: Is Baltimore ready.  Are we ready to expand our palates and tastes to the beauty of whole foods?  And to the adventurous ones of us, how about raw foods?  Are we ready to go to restaurants and have the option of getting a whole food entree?  Colorful and bountiful of grains and veggies?  Again, maybe even a raw entree!  Perhaps a raw cacao truffle for when you finish.  Are we ready to explore?  Can we socialize over creative juices at happy hours, and delight in delicious raw pastries.  I think so!  And afterall, we need to catch-up.  New York is ready.  DC is ready.  LA was born ready.  This will be fun and delicious!  I will keep you all posted on the new baltimore scene!

First Event: Saturday June 30th :: Blend + Flo At The Black Olive with SoulBody Yoga :: 802 S. Caroline Street/Baltimore with special guest Woody Harrelson!

If I have any Marylanders out there, feel free to send me an email if you would like to stay in the loop with all upcoming events, tastes, and classes!

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