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Raw in the Right Direction


Take a good look at this salad. It’s sitting in the lap of a person who probably never made a salad as head chef before. He may have done some washing or chopping here or there, but this is the first time he planned, shopped for, organized and executed a multi-ingredient salad. What’s in it? You may ask. To be honest, I’m not quite sure–but I know it’s delicious.
One of those times (I imagine) where your child makes something, anything, and it’s the best thing ever. My point is, going Raw makes a person do things. Rather, inspiresa person to do things. In this case, inspiration to look in the fridge, pull some things out (that may previously have had no business in raw form in their cooked life), and make it happen! I’m nostalgically reminded of the first time I ate raw corn right off the cob! Or when I made zucchini fettuccine with some sort of tahini sauce. Or, and I still shudder to think it, but the blitzkrieg i had the first time I opened a coconut. Ha! Anyway, like the salad above, it wasn’t the prettiest thing in the room, but in all honesty, is there anything sweeter than satisfaction of making it happen?
All this is about my Dad, of course! So proud of him for going into unchartered waters in the first place, then navigating himself to the point of sitting down with a multi-colored, multi-textured, thought out salad. And after his 30+ day juice feast, he deserved it!

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A New Raw World! Fermentation.

ImageI have been treading very carefully in my approach to this parallel Raw universe.  Well, first I will start in explaining a new lesson in raw foods that I am just now seeing.  So, nearly a month ago to the date I started my dad on a 30 day juice feast.  He’s surprised himself most, and inspired everyone around him in the dedication, commitment and courage he’s shown in sticking with the plan and avoiding temptation into the cooked abyss.  Anyway, as he is now completing his journey, and beginning a new of a plant based, whole food diet, he’s already done a little shopping–happy to be able to go into the center aisles of the grocery again!

I won’t go into the brand of it, but one of his purchases, in all things earnest and true, was a raw energy bar.  In his excitement to (A) be able to eat solid food, and in his apparent thoughtfulness in adhering to the specific ease-out, raw regimen I provided him, he dug right in to his new bar!  It immediately made him feel sick, even in all its rawness.  This brings me to my point.  In every food lifestyle–vegan, vegetarian, raw, SAD–there is junk!  This particular bar was laden with agave, and two other sweeteners, not to mention protein additives.  Lesson:  Even though it’s raw, it doesn’t have to be healthy.  You always must read labels and investigate, no matter what your lifestyle choice.

Anyway, the parallel raw universe.  Yes.  And featured in the top half of my dinner plate above is a PERFECT specimen of live, raw fermentation.  WOW!  Move over cucumbers (pickles)–fermentation has a new name.  AnImaged ironically, that name is exactly anything you want it to be.  Given the right brine, and time to wait until the perfect taste is achieved, you can ferment anything!  This happens to be a mixture of greens.  SO.  Good.  Salty, crunchy, sour, sweet, pungent, astringent–very ayervedic–all in one bite.  I chose to top some dehydrated Manna bread with the mixture, and am sure it will be my staple for every meal of the day until I run out and try something else.  Lest I forget, let me give credit where credit is due!  BAO Raw Slaw.  A great example of packaged raw goods that is NOT junk and is completely delicious.  At first sniff and bite, I knew I needed to learn more about fermentation and in quick order.  Aside from the taste, the nutritional benefits of fermented live foods is unmatched!  Let’s all say “probiotics” together! Amazing!

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