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A Few More Words on New York Raw

Now that I am coherent, and it’s not 3:00a in the morning!  So we ended up getting back to Baltimore around 4:00a last night.  Number one benefit of living Raw…ENERGY!  Our Baltimore Party of Five was zonked, but we were still alive!  Still buzzing about the unblievable experience we had just had, and still marveling over the delicious food that was in our bellies!  Can I say that Pure Food and Wine is America’s Raw hotspot?  Is that debateable by anyone?  I have been to enough raw restaurants in other states to really say that unequivocally, but I just can’t imagine there being any place that could beat it!  However, if there is, that’s fantastic, and I am booking a ticket today to go and eat there!  I mean avocado stuffed squash blossoms in a strawberry rhubarb broth!  King trumpet mushrooms done RIGHT…enchiladas and tacos you wouldn’t believe, cauliflower couscous spiked with with mint, and this savory, delicate puree of a soup with a nut creme drizzle that made Woody Harrelson who had declared he was fasting for the evening, break fast and join the delicious festvities!  I’m afraid if I even go into the desserts too much I’ll drool on my keyboard.  But let’s put it like this…creme brulee, cacao ganache with a fluffy, airy cacao mousse inside, and ginger blackberry cheesecake.  Yes.  That happened.

Talk about inspiration!  So we have our Raw food Happy Hour and our own sit down Chef’s dinner this Saturday night, and we’re pulling ALL the stops too!  Definitely have a delicious line up for the menu, filled with superfoods, and other dishes of yummy intrigue.  I can’t wait!  WIsh you all could come!  We’ve also managed to line up a few more special guests, so it’s definitely going to be a night to remember!  Not to be outdone, the next mornng will be our wake up with Vinyasa (taught by famed Phili instructors Dhyana and John Vitarelli!), followed by our open juice bar and delicious raw brunch items!


Where: The Black Olive @ 802 S. Caroline Street, Baltimore

When: 6/30 @ 6p and 7/1 @ 10a

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Holy New York Raw

Just had an amazing Raw food experience! So it wound up being about 12 of us, but definitely including my new core raw group from Baltimore. We started at Organic Avenue and finished the night at Pure Food and Wine, the raw Mecca of the east coast.
Wow! Organic Avenue is a super cool place. The beautiful display of juices, shots, elixirs combined with a packaged raw food collection more extensive than any I have ever seen! Which, for me–She who equates health food stores to paradise–Was extra special! And BIG shout to Zia’s, one of only a couple raw food hotspots in Baltimore…Organic Avenue, in the NYC big city that never sleeps (affirmative, as I write this post at 1:00a amid a city still buzzing around us!) actually carries their goods! Imagine that, Zia’s from little Baltimore! Anyway, after grabbing a bunch of yummy things, we headed to Pure Food and Wine at 17th and Irving where we had the five course Chef’s Table tasting. AH-MAZING. Inventive. Creative. Intentional and obviously made with a ton of love!

So thank you NYC. A short trip and delicious indeed. Oh and of the additional new friends we ate with… David Blane and Woody Harrelson! Crazy!

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