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A Simple Raw Bite

Sometimes after a long day, all you need is a yummy, albeit random, snack. One that’s salty, sweet, crunchy, mushy, creamy and course all at the very same time. You eat it and savor it, enjoying that very rare raw food thought of how ludicrous it is to eat as much kale as you do.

The Anti-Kale Kale-Lover’s Antidote
1 slice of Manna bread, sprinkled with sea salt
1 t raw almond butter
A drizzle of raw honey
A sprinkle of unsweetened coconut shreds
A sprinkle of cacao nibs
A sprinkle of sea salt

To boot, 3 superfoods at once!! I may have been on a Kale hiatus today (minus my am green drink!) but I still got in the good stuff!

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