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Easter Bunny Nightmare and Redemption…Post Raw Diet Day…5!

So I just got back home today from a lovely Birmingham escape.  Now, before I left, I intentionally swept the fridge of all my colorful raw foods, and finished up everything in the fruit basket (see Airplane incident…!).  I knew full well when I got back I’d need to stock up for next week.  I was proud of the plan, both in it’s efficiency and strategy.  Just one variable I failed to account for, which I was kindly reminded of at the doors of Trader Joe’s: “Oh!  Sorry, we’re closing now.  It’s Easter”.  A little patronizing, sure, but but as I stood there totally disenchanted with my re-useable Hawaiian bags in hand, I completely forgot that stores might close early (or not open at all, as was the case with my go-to health food store) for Easter.  Great.  Now what?  As I drove home in slight bewilderment, scouring my refrigerator, freezer and pantry in my head, I came up with a plan.  I knew I had frozen shiitake’s, frozen spinach and a few onions.  I knew I had some brown rice.

So I got home, begrudgingly stashed my bags, and got to work.  Put the rice on, then went ahead and heated the coconut oil, through in some onion, smashed some garlic and grated some ginger.  Then put in my frozen mushrooms and spinach.  Cooked for a few minutes, and went in for the taste.  WHAT?! What.  The.  Hell.  Did I just put into my mouth.  It tasted dead.  Actually dead.  I killed spinach.  And I killed mushrooms.  I guess since the conclusion of the Raw Diet, I had been eating mainly raw veggies and salads.  This was my first foray back into cooked veggies.  Sure, they were frozen first.  But still!  Yuck!  No true flavor, and whatever flavor was there was masked by…well, for lack of a better word–death.

So, another reason to keep the veggies raw.  Or at least start fresh!  Which, in my defense, I would have had the Trader Joe Easter bunny not sabotaged my dinner plans.  Sigh… but alas, just as my Raw Diet has ruined me from eating frozen veggies ever again, it also saved me from starvation.  If I didn’t have anything else to eat tonight, I had learned how to make a quick almond milk.  1 tablespoon almond butter, a cup of water, a dash of vanilla, a whole bunch of cinnamon, and a dash of sea salt.  Done.  Some oats, a handful of nuts, some raisins, and that lovely brown rice I had nearly burned to the bottom of my pot as I had my ‘come to jesus’ moment with the veggies–and I was back in business.  A little hodgepodge, perhaps.  But, oh so delicious!  I even added a dash of coconut and a sprinkle of raw cocoa just to be in the peeps spirit.

Jinji’s Almost Raw Easter Muesli

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup cooked brown rice
  • Some raisins
  • Some slivered almonds
  • A few broken walnuts
  • A couple dried cherries
  • A shot of dried coconut
  • A shake of cocoa powder

Mix it up, and enjoy!

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Post Raw Diet Re-Cap…What’s Changed…Day 1

So on Day 1 post Raw Diet, I ate a 100% raw breakfast, a 80% raw lunch, and 0% raw dinner.  For lunch, along with the leftovers of my awesome bloomed wild rice, I had some Mary’s Gone crackers.  I was excited, pumped even, to have my first non-raw food in 15 days.  Ate one cracker.  Ate two.  They tasted burnt, I thought.  Kept eating them.  They tasted…plain.  Then, by the time I finished them, they were okay.  But I LOVE Mary’s Gone, I thought.  Still, about mid way through, I stopped eating them along with the bloomed wild rice because I felt like they were ruining it.  For dinner I went out to a local restaurant, One World Cafe, and I had the same chili I’d craved time and time again over the years, “chock full of organic brown rice, vegetables and beans” the description reads.  Took one bite.  The vegetables were limp.  Took another.  The rice had disappeared into the stew.  And where was the spice?  All I could think about was the delicious raw chili I made a week ago, and the sprouted quinoa I had along with it.

So, what’s changed?  Everything!!  My soul and my taste buds has gotten so used to the textures, colors, bursting flavors, crispness, and freshness of raw food, that it’s incredibly underwhelming to eat cooked foods so far.  I’m sure it’s a “getting used to” process.  I’m certain in no time at all I will discover the yum factor again.  But I hesitate in saying that too quickly, as I think…should I find the yum factor in cooked foods again?  Should I listen to what my body is telling me, and continue my Raw foods journey.  Maybe we’ll compromise.  We, as in me and my body.  I will continue reintroducing my cooked food favorites and go-to’s.  But maybe Raw should be the foundation of any meal I have.  For instance, with the chili tonight–if I were making it, maybe I add cooked beans and brown rice, but use raw veggies and a raw stew.

How could 28 years of cooked foods all of a sudden feel so foreign?  I wasn’t expecting this to be one of the outcomes of my innocent little experiment.  I was really expecting to be swimming through mounds of sweet potatoes and blowing bubbles in bisque by now.  But all I really want is the raw oatmeal I have soaking in the fridge for breakfast tomorrow.  Curious, eh?  But here I am…imagine my surprise!



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“A morning” in the life of a Raw Foodie…Day 2!

I wonder what Webster’s describes Ambition as.  After this morning, I have a definition of my own, and it rhymes with stupidity!  Not really.  But boy, I’m starting to believe that if you have any plans to a) work a full time job, b) do a morning work out c) sleep past 5:00am–a Raw diet may not be the answer.  Again, in the same breath, I’m reminded of the little rewards that came later in the morning.  More on that in a bit.  So, I woke up today, as a day two raw foodist knowing I had chores.  So I gave myself about 20 minutes extra before having to leave to make it to a 6:15 Bikram class (and that, before having to make it to my desk at 8:30!).  Ok, so 5:15, and these were the first things running thruogh my head: 1. Rinse my sprouting barley (you have to rinse twice a day while sprouting) 2. Rinse my sproutED almonds–they’re done! 3. Drain my overnight soaking walnuts, i’d need them for my “oatmeal” 4. Strain my oat groats, and put them in the food processor with my sliced strawberries (pre-sliced last night, thank god) 5. Package the walnuts, some raisins, and about a cup of almond milk (made this last night too) in my lunch bag for work, along with my collard leaves and guacamole (made last night too), and a few other shortcut snacks to last through the day.  See?!  SO much to do!! I can’t help but ask myself all the while, at (now) 5:25 in the morning–does everyone have it this hard??  And for god’s sake.  Will it get any easier?  I push on.  Start the food processor.  SO LOUD!! Was it this loud before?  I finish making meal out of my oats, but I’m fully expecting an eviction warning on my door when I get home tonight!  Somehow, I pack it all up, even have time for the mountain of dishes I created; can’t quite remember if I put things back in the fridge, but I figure I haven’t had any food casualties yet, so luck is on my side.  Got to class on time, and was even at my desk at 8:30, in time to tell the story, all the while eating DELICIOUS raw oatmeal.  Phew!  Again, not the prettiest, but I’m also starting to think that pretty raw food pictures must be taken with a special lens.

Jinji’s Raw Oatmeal, adapted from Raw Energy, Strawberry Zipper Oatmeal

  • 1/4 cup oat groats, soaked overnight
  • Some sliced strawberries
  • Some chopped almonds
  • Raisins
  • 1/2 banana
  • 3/4 cup almond milk, made the day before
  • Alot of cinnamon
  • Several shakes of sea salt
  • Tiny bit of cayenee (tricks you into thinking you’re eating hot oatmeal)

The morning after soaking the oat groats, process them with the almonds and raisins and a few strawberry slices.  Combine that with teh rest of the ingredients and you’re ready to go!  ENJOY!

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