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The Odd Things a Raw Diet will Make you Do…Day 5

Well not only will it make you do odd things, but in the moment, you’ll think it’s beyond normal.  Like there’s nothing more natural that you could possibly do, than the obviously odd thing that you’re doing.  I mean, at the risk of sounding totally judgmental, don’t raw foodists kind of…feel odd?  Like, if it’s not the dreads when the rest of us are off to our next color appointment, then it’s the constant smiling, even on rainy days (like today) when the rest of us are rushing for shelter.  Or maybe it’s the hemp.  Clothes, of course.  Anyway, they are a quite curious bunch.  And if the “they” is “you”, take this all as a compliment, for you have somehow circumvented the conventional grumpy human experience, to take part in an otherwise…happy one.  In fact, I wonder if in my two week Raw Food experiment, I too will enter into the land of odd.

Today, actually, I took a great leap toward that eventual, or perhaps inevitable reality.  For dinner tonight, I decided to make Chili.  A homestyle chili, including everything a hot chili would have, except of course the heat.  I was skeptical.  Converting classics into Raw meals seems risky at best, but I had all the ingredients, so I went for it.  One of the ingredients was one of my greatest moments of pride; no, not the almonds (although those count!), but the barley.  I sprouted barley!  And I needed to put it to good use.  Anyway, as I was preparing the chili–chopping, dicing, combining, blending, peeling, rinsing, soaking, reserving (…sigh)–I caught myself doing things I would have never imagined myself to do (..another ‘imagine my surprise!’ moment).  I cut corn from the cob, then started cleaning the rest of the raw cob–nawing down each sweet, raw row, not even stopping to think I was eating RAW corn off the RAW cob.  I was alternating throwing some zucchini in the bowl, and dipping the rest into the (zucchini based!) hummus I’d made a couple days ago.  Raw zucchini!  I was licking spoons, and reserving tops of carrots for juices.  I don’t know maybe none of this is a big deal, but what it symbolized to me was that as much as I have loved food, I have never been as connected to it as I am now.  Everything is fair game, and anything goes.  To boot, it’s all delicious!  And in my kitchen, by myself, I found myself smiling a little bit as I sampled, ate, chopped and blended.  Go figure!  Here’s to being odd!

Jinji’s Odd Homestyle Chili, adopted from Judita Wignall’s Going Raw & Rhio’s Hooked on Raw


  • 1/2 cup barley
  • 1/2 cup soaked (overnight) walnuts
  • corn off of one cob
  • some carrots
  • some zucchini
  • a couple tomatoes, diced–seeds and all
  • some sweet onion
  • lots of chili powder
  • a couple shakes of cumin
  • a couple shakes of cinnamon
  • some oregano
  • some chopped parsley
  • lots of cilantro
  • a few soaked prunes, a few soaked apricots–chopped

Chili’s Sauce

  • soaked sundried tomatoes, keep the water–about 3/4 cups of each
  • a couple tomatoes, seeded
  • a little bit of agave nectar
  • a lot of chili powder
  • a small onion
  • several shakes of salt
  • a bunch of oregano
  • some cumin
  • cayenne pepper

Put all the ingredients for the sauce in the blender, blend until smooth.  Put all the ingredients for chili together–pulse the barley and walnuts together briefly before combining with the rest…it will look a little like cooked ground turkey.  Combine everything, and enjoy the best chili ever!  Garnish with avocado slices and cilantro.  Smile!


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I’m new…And so is my Raw Diet!

I should start by saying I’m not a raw foodist.  I don’t want to give the wrong impression here, as I am a lover of all things food, even though I admittedly do avoid much of it.  In fact, learned a new word in the past few months that pretty accurately describes what I’ve been for the past year and a half: Pesquetarian.  How is that even spelled?  I’m too annoyed by the pretentiousness of it to actually look it up.  But anyway, I’m that word that describes people who are mainly vegetarian, except “we” eat fish too.  But actually, come to think of it, I’ve been staying away from dairy as well as of late.  Yet, it’s rare I have a plate of food without an egg on top of it.  Even my oatmeal.  More on that later. Don’t frown–it’s delicious!

So, back to the Raw Diet.  Today, the Spring Solstice, marks Day one of this latest food adventure of mine.  Two weeks, 100% raw.  As I’ll reveal in the coming days, weeks and months, I’m always on to something new when it comes to food.  I count ingredients, not calories, and I’m a sucker for a new line of chips (Way Good brand…buy some.  Trust me).  Never really in the interest of weight management, more so, and very literally because I love healthy food, and I love to experiment with it (that’s how my pesqu…started!).

I thought it’d be easy.  Somewhere during my initial grocery shopping that became laughable.  And somewhere elbow high in dishes, veggie & fruit shavings, dirty blenders and buried counter tops, it became straight hilarious.  I know it’s only Day One, but this is HARD!  Not for the weak at heart, or mind…or elbow grease!  Not only has it been all consuming, in both time, space, and money, imagine my shock in realizing in order to eat “normally” on Thursday, I had to plan YESTERDAY! But…imagine my delight at my already heightened energy.  My ability to stand the annoying and obnoxious without complete exhaustion.  And my total joy at growing my first almond sprout.  Yep…almonds sprout.  And I sprouted one.

I looked pretty endlessly for sample meal plans for the beginning/experimenting Rawist, and couldn’t find anything easy enough or conclusive enough.  So I’ll start making one here, in case anyone who stumbles upon the blog happens to be looking for a way to get started.  All I’m trying to do is not break the rules and not get hungry.  I’m just a Baltimore girl trying something new!  And as the picture shows, it’s not the prettiest, but so far, it’s damn good.  Oh! And look around too.  These days health foodie stores have lots of easy shortcuts to making this adventure a little more manageable…
Breakfast (7:15): Smoothie: Frozen mango, frozen pineapple, banana, water, 2 prunes; 2 slices of Manna bread (not technically Raw, but practically Raw…reducing my 2 week commitment to hmmmm…90%?  I’m okay with that.)
Snack (9:30): Mini Raw Bar (one of those health foodie shortcuts!)
Snack (11:00) STARVING: 2 dates stuffed with raw walnuts (MIRACLE…dates are like the most energizing things there are! Totally fine after this.)
Lunch (1:30): Green Smoothie: Kale, Spinach (can’t really taste either), blueberries, banana, 2 dates, apple; 2 flax crackers (shortcut) with Nut Pate spread (I’ll include recipes later)
Snack (3:00): Carrots with Zucchini Hummus (mmmm!) & Ants on a log (you know!)
I had an apple on the way home from work, then had an amazing (again, not the prettiest) Eggplant in a spicy thai marinade.  That was actually easy to make, and while it hung out for an hour getting happy, I made lunch for tomorrow.  So, so far so good.  I’m not hungry, and I haven’t broken the rules (completely) yet!
Stay tuned for recipes and photos!  Til tomorrow…laugh and enjoy^^

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